A safer and more efficient work area in any industry!

Powermoon® LED light balloons deliver a glare-free 360 ​​° daylight situation for a faster, safer and more efficient work environment.

Powermoon® LED light balloons use the latest LED technology and consist of only the most durable weatherproof materials.

Powermoon® light balloons are compact and practical and take less than a minute to set up!



Construction and Road Works

The POWERMOON® LED Light Balloons are glare-free and cast daylight-quality light in a perfect 360-degree circle for both on-site construction areas and off-road traffic. Compared to any light towers or spotlights, Powermoon® light balloons are superior in quality and safety.

Law Enforcement and Rescue Services

The POWERMOON® LED Light Balloons are portable and conveniently installable and have better light quality than any other mobile light source available. The glare-free, high-quality light of the balloons creates a much more efficient and secure working environment, which is especially important in the case of evening accidents or rescue operations where every second counts and every movement is important.

Sports and events

Ideal lighting for events with hundreds or thousands of participants is crucial to ensure the event runs smoothly and efficiently, and to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors and staff throughout the event. Illuminate the entrances and exits of heavily populated and work-loaded events, parking lots, dining and restroom areas to create a safer and more enjoyable environment for visitors and a more efficient workspace for the work staff and service providers.


Powermoon® SL 2000

Voltage: 100-230V AC
Wattage: 320W
Light amount: 48 000 Lumen

Powermoon® Ledmoon® 600

Voltage: 230V AC
Wattage: 500W
Light amount: 75 000 Lumen

Powermoon® Led-Master 400

Voltage: 12V or 48V DC
Wattage: 400W
Light amount: 50 000 Lumen

Powermoon® Led Master 700

Voltage: 12V or 48V DC
Wattage: 700W
Light amount: 90 000 Lumen


Powermoon® Fiberjack® Grand

Powermoon® Fiberjack®

Powermoon® Slider Mini Light Tower

Powermooni tooted leiavad kasutust kõige ekstreemsemates tingimustes kus kvaliteet on esmatähtis. Teede ehitajad, päästeametid, väliürituste korraldajad on otsustanud Powermooni toodete kasuks selle pikaajalise tootmiskogemuse ja vastupidavuse tõttu.

Product catalogue

In our catalogue you will find our newest products, additional information on the lights, technical details and much more.

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