The lightest and most versatile portable LED light set for every occasion!

The lightest and most versatile industrial LED luminaire kit on the market. Use either directly from a 230V power outlet or from a 12V battery.

 The luminaire comes complete with a tripod, all connections, carrying case and a swivel head to set the direction of the light and uses a magnetic connector to link it to the tripod or any other magnetic surface.

Impact and waterproof (IP68). The luminaire and all its accessories are completely waterproof and made of corrosion free materials.


Construction and Road Works

Pocketmoon® is the most practical solution for any work situation that requires compact, high-quality lighting. The luminaire can be used with both mains and battery power and is shockproof and waterproof, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Uses of the light are limitless, ranging from interior work such as plastering and painting to evening road works and construction sites.

Law Enforcement and Rescue Services

The law enforcement and rescue service is on duty around the clock, and the ideal and most compact lighting for evening tasks and challenges is crucial. Pocketmoon® is the most mobile and versatile industrial LED lighting solution on the market and creates a much more efficient and secure working environment, which is especially important in the case of evening accidents or rescue operations where every second counts and every movement is important.

Sports and events

Light up your barbecue evenings, outdoor events, hiking or sporting events with 360 ​​° daylight quality lighting. Pocketmoon® is extremely compact and operates on both AC and DC battery power, which makes it possible to use the light in every situation you can think of!


Powermoon® Pocketmoon 

  • Usable both on 230V AC and 12V DC battery power
  • Comes with a stainless steel tripod with total height of 3,5m
  • The light comes with a swivel head to set the direction of the light and uses a magnetic connector to link it to the tripod or any other magnetic surface
  • Resistant to vibration and shock thanks to LED technology
  • Manufactured completely from anti-corrosion stainless steel and aluminium
  • IP68 protected, rain and water resistant (permanent use)


Rechargeable Portable Lithium-Ion Battery (Provides for 4 hours of daylight in any location and situation)

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