Events that no one wants to happen unfortunately happen all the time, and they strike at any hour. Day and night. Motor vehicle crashes, train derailments, natural disasters. When you are reading this, you might likely be one of the heroes that have to move out and give their best. In a lot of these incidents perfect lighting conditions will support you big time and make your job much easier, often faster and more efficient! Great lighting will help to yield optimal results! And again, that’s just because of a basic necessity: You were able to see properly. Poor lighting on the contrary, lighting that blinds, lighting that throws harsh shadows, lighting that simply can not light up the area enough or cant even be set up where you need to work (light truck) might reach the opposite of what you would ideally want to achieve.

POWERMOON® LED lights are made to offer high quality light which is glare free and shadow reduced and can be set up anywhere. Use it on or off roads, use it in rubble, in a wooded area full of trees, under bridges or in tunnels, use it hanging of temporary tent ceilings or in shelters. Use it to light up command centers, mobile hospitals, first aid and food hand out areas etc.!

POWERMOON® not only offer the best possible light quality in a portable light but also are very energy efficient and durable. 3 LED lights run on a small Honda generator and are instant ON-OFF with no cool down time when packing away. (This for example helps immensely when lighting up bigger scenes. Less noise, fewer generators to carry etc etc.)

POWERMOON® open and close with a mechanical ‘umbrella style’ open close system. No air inflation is involved in operating the lights. Our units can stay on site for days, and weeks, and months if necessary without being powered up. No matter the weather. Even snowy conditions.

This is what you can expect from your POWERMOON® LED balloon lights:

Very bright light
Glare free and shadow free light
Light in a 360° circle
High portability (1 minute set up / fits in to any vehicle / Carry to any location)
High efficiency (3 units run on 1 small Honda generator)
Light tower performance without the glare and without the shadows
High reliability due to mechanical open close mechanism, heavy duty material, high quality LED diodes

POWERMOON® The best Lighting Quality From The Most Durable And Efficient LED Light!