Construction such as highway work, paving, bridge building, or even the construction of high rises more and more take place at night to avoid heavy traffic and congestion, to work safer and more efficient, to fulfill deadlines, or to simply finish before bad weather sets in. POWERMOON® LED balloon lights help like no other light fixture to make sure that this demanding environment becomes as much as possible a safe and efficient one.

POWERMOON® LED can literally be used anywhere and powered by any possible power source. POWERMOON® mount to machinery (pavers, bridge deck finishers, rollers etc) and light up the equipment as was well as the surrounding area like daylight. POWERMOON® can be set up on tripods, on our POWERMOON® slider systems or on conventional light towers. POWERMOON® can be hung off ceilings on the highest floors of high rise construction buildings or be mounted to a back of a pick up.
Everywhere our LED balloon lights are used they create the best possible work environment with no glare, minimal shadows and highest energy efficiency.

Only light from POWERMOON® balloon light delivers the amount of light in a quality that really makes for a professional, efficient and safe work environment. No more eye fatigue, no more holding up your hands, squinnying your eyes or turning away from the light source. No more decision between ‘amount of light versus portability’. Dangerous and inefficient work environments belong to the past.

And only POWERMOON® can really be taken anywhere and left anywhere up until a job is done.

Professional Construction lights with no glare

POWERMOON® work lights are bright but diffuse the light and get rid of all glare. The result is clear vision with plenty of light all around, 360°. No eye fatigue and perfect communication.



Professional light with few shadows:

Same thing as with glare: Conventional work lamps and light towers produce strong and harsh shadows. Light from a POWERMOON® balloon light on the contrary produces diffused and thin shadows at the most! No harsh shadows any more, no dark spots, no blind spots. Smooth light all around. Reduce the risk of trip hazards. Find your exact sawing spot and the right angle. Pour and finish concrete knowing exactly what your results will look like in daylight.

Portable and User Friendly Light For Construction lighting

Construction settings require lighting options that can be adjusted and moved at will. Our LED balloon lights are designed to be set up anywhere and within seconds. Leave them anywhere for days until the job is done. Use our tripods, truck hitches, water tank set up systems or simply hang them of any ceiling or rig. Try this with most other air inflated balloon lights, with, other work lights or even conventional light towers!

Strong And Durable

Naturally, you will also need lighting options that are capable of withstanding the rough and tough environment that constitutes a construction site. Light construction equipment also needs to be capable of standing up to the elements, no matter how demanding they may be, while still delivering professional-grade light. POWERMOON® LED balloons make the grade in this regard, as a lot of our development goes in to making them as robust as possible starting with the technology and materials we use (LED, Kevlar, Steel etc.) and not ending with the structural concepts such as our patented spring loaded open close mechanism.